Mercury Optimax : OptiMax 200 Pro XS




OptiMax 200 Pro XS

  • Description

OptiMax 200 Pro XS: Ultimate Efficiency



  • Performance

Powerful and Smooth
The OptiMax Two-Stage Direct Injection System produces consistent performance and unmatched throttle response by providing a constant supply of atomized fuel and air. The Pro XS also offers a Higher Wide-Open-Throttle RPM Operating Range, giving you more propeller options to maximize the performance of your boat. Visit the Prop Selector to choose the prop that’s right for you.

Light and Fast
The compact 60-degree V6 block combines the smooth-running characteristics of a powerful V6 engine with a slim, lightweight design, making it a great choice for almost any type of boat. It consistently outperforms other DI engines in hole-shot, mid-range acceleration and top-end speed.

Run with the Pros
The Mercury ProXS lineup is the choice of thousands of performance-minded boaters. Only OptiMax ProXS engines feature durable and responsive Carbon Fiber Reeds to control airflow into the engine crankcase, while dome-Shaped Piston Heads direct the fuel-and-air charge to the spark plug more efficiently. This results in amazing power, outstanding durability, and excellent running quality. In head-to-head tests, the 150hp ProXS is outrunning the competition, while delivering 15% better fuel economy.

  • Reliability

Long-Lasting Stainless
OptiMax is built with more stainless steel and corrosion-resistant components, which translates to saltwater durability, longer intervals between maintenance, and lower cost of ownership. In addition, our lower-pressure direct-injection system also provides superior component durability and longevity.

  • Fuel Efficiency

Ultimate Efficiency
The innovative OptiMax Direct Injected system delivers the ultimate in efficiency, squeezing more miles and performance from every drop of fuel. The unique shapes of the OptiMax-exclusive Dome-Shaped Pistons and combustion chambers enhance fuel economy and lower emissions by efficiently directing the fuel/air charge to the spark plug. The OptiMax Air Compressor provides a steady charge of cooled air for maximum combustion efficiency.


Caractéristiques OptiMax 200 Pro XS
Puissance 200 hp (147,10 kw)
Poids sec 225 kg
Tours par minute (tr/mn)


Displacement 3032 cc
Disposition des cylindres En V
Nombre de cylindres 6
Starting Électrique
Puissance de l'alternateur 756 watt
Sens de marche Avant (AV) - Point Mort (PM) - Arrière (AR)
Rapport de démultiplication 1.75:1

Remote - Big tiller optional

Recommended boat transom type

508 mm (L)

Alimentation Carb
Type de carburant Essence à haute performance
Essence 90RON minimum
SmartCraft Oui
Circuit fermé de refroidissement N/A
Technologie moteur 2 temps à injection directe
Matériaux de l'arbre Aluminium
Contrôle de direction Pied
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